Our Values

We believe in a no nonsense approach to ensure we improve health, body composition, fitness and performance.

We do this through coaching, educating and giving all clients the tools they require to ensure that once they achieve their desired goal they can also can maintain for life.


We also want to educate all our clients to understand what they are doing and why (this is missed by many PTs). We are not simply here to train you hard but to advise, guide and educate you along your journey to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


No Fad diets, horrendously low calorie diets in fact typically we see all our clients eating more rather than less (not many people would complain about that).

We use a lot of the Precision Nutrition principles which are practical and applicable. Our nutrition clients have access to our expert nutritionist too.

Life Coaching/Mindset

We help clients with productivity, changing negative thoughts to positive and increase confidence. Mindset has a big influence on how far you can take your body. You need to have the belief that you can achieve a goal.


You also don’t need to do hours of endless cardio either we use structured periodised training systems to get the best RESULTS.

Personal training 1-2-1 and Semi private is what we specialise as we see it getting better results than the larger bootcamp style training. We do all our training in Loughborough at our Brand New Boutique Training and Nutrition Centre in Loughborough town centre.

If you can’t make it to the gym, no problem we can offer a range of online coaching.

Personal Training + Results

We help clients get into the best shape possible in a time that they require, with guidance from our certified personal trainers.

Although we do emphasise to all our clients you should look at achieving your body transformation goals over the long term. We have seen some incredible personal training results from as little as 12 weeks.

Success Stories


Looking to get started on your health and fitness journey or just need a change?

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