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Are you ready to transform your body for good?

Our 28 Day Trial Program is just £299 £199 £99



Over 350+ Success Stories and Counting -

Will You Be Next?

These results have been achieved over different time frames and are displayed to show you what is possible in BTC - one thing they all have in common is that all of these guys started with one of our kick starter programs.

Does this sound like you?

Always been confused about how best to eat for you or you have tried different diets to only end up back where you started out as it wasn't sustainable?

Unsure of the right exercises to do and how to train safely and where to start ?

Want to lose up to 1 stone in the next month or just simply improve your health and fitness?

Want to learn how to improve your health and fitness, to feel more energised + confident ?

Live in Loughborough or are able to travel to Loughborough?

Want to train in a non-judging supportive environment surrounded by people exactly like you?

If you answered YES then this is the

program that you need.

I 100% guarantee that at the end of this

program you will feel like a different

person inside and out.

With our powerful training systems and simple yet brilliant nutrition support you will feel more comfortable in your clothes than you have in years and you will be eating the right foods at the right times to consistently get results without thinking about it.

Body Transformation Centre Reopening Day After Lockdown..

So what can you expect from the 28 Day Trial


Powerful Training and Nutrition systems that Guarantee Results

We are that confident in our training and nutrition systems and the amount of people that we have already helped that if you apply today and commit yourself to our training and nutrition systems you will see some results.

12 Semi Private Personal Training sessions (Value £229)

You will get a total 12 Small Group Personal Training sessions with our coaching team (which we think is the best coaching team around) over the 28 days. We will take care of every aspect of your training - provide a program that matches your goals and coach you through it every step of the way to create real long-lasting changes to your body.

COVID Secure Gym (Value Peace of Mind)

We have always operated with a focus on being spacious and providing quality so this is nothing new to us. We have always used a booking system and had exceptional cleaning standards.

We have added your own personal training pod, extra cleaning procedures, you are never closer than 2 metres to another member, and and adhere to the COVID secure guidelines. You'll use your own equipment and everyone has plenty of their own space to train in.

You can rest assured you'll be in the safest environment to train in Loughborough. 

Nutriton Consultation and on-going diet support (Value £139)

We will sit down with you to work out where you have gone wrong in the past and come up with a bulletproof plan that suits your life, doesn't make you give up your social life or tie you to the kitchen but helps you to melt fat and enjoy everything you eat.

Members Area with 1200 recipe guides and meal plans ideas (£49 per month)

We won't only be supporting you when you are inside BTC - you will have access to both our members area on the website and our online community Team BTC. They are full of home and core workouts, recipes and meal ideas so your progress is never cut short. We won't just tell you how much to eat and when - we will provide you recipes you enjoy to make it tasty too.

Goal Tracking and Monitoring (Value Priceless)

We will be setting goals, working out a training and nutrition program to suit and tracking the whole progress both on the gym floor and in your body composition in your very own Personal Development Program.

Coaching Team on hand when you need them (Value priceless)

Normally when you join a gym you're left with hundreds of questions that need answering to help you make progress. You're left wondering whats best to do and end up going around in circles getting nowhere.

Not in BTC. Any questions about anything that pop up and you'll have the coaching team (and other members) on hand to support you and set you straight as soon as you need.

No guesswork, just straight simple progress.

Access to a private gym (Value


That's BTC by the way - this means no waiting for equipment, no egos, no intimidation.

50% Discounted  MyZone Belts (Value £70)

50% off the the industry leading Myzone heart rate monitors.  Get access to the powerful MyZone system in use in BTC to get in-depth live Heart Rate analysis and a detailed breakdown of your session. 

Guaranteed Results

We will guarantee you will be a step ahead of where you start with us. Results come in many forms whether that's weight loss, body fat reduction, strength, fitness, clothing fitting better, better habits, sleeping better or just exercising more frequently.

Thats a total value of £499

But we aren't going to charge you that 

In fact our 28 Day Trial Program is just £299 £199 £99

That works out to just £24.25 per week or just one takeaway on a weekend or one 30 min session with a personal trainer.

For that you get everything you see listed above AND Guaranteed Results

See what some of our members say

"Its made me re-think the way I feel about gyms"

"I combine the BTC training with Pilates and am definitely seeing the difference and feel more toned and my clothes fit better. I also seem to have more energy and am sleeping better. I eat healthily anyway, don't eat meat and cook all of our meals so have continued with this, although I am drinking more water and my skin looks clearer. I'm gaining strength or feel that I am and try and push myself with the training and enjoying it.

It's made me re-think the way I feel about gyms and has given me more confidence and energy to want to carry on and make sure I stay fit and healthy as I get older to enable me to do the things I want to do."

Sarah D

"Extremely Friendly"

"Body Transformation Centre delivers the full package. Professional personal training and nutrition with accountability to keep you well on track. Extremely friendly and helpful staff along with enthusiasm and above all fun in a small group environment. I joined after the 6 week challenge and haven’t looked back! Highly recommend 💪🏼😃💪🏼"

Ruth W

"The support is just unbelievable"

"Brilliant service the team have a phenomenal amount of knowledge on training and nutrition. They give you the push that you need to keep motivated and there one goal is to change your life for the better. Its not like going to the gym where you don't feel confident, they make you feel welcome and everyone helps each other through the whole experience. They are there to help day and night with anything. They are truly committed to you.

After losing 26Lb's I'd have to say you have got to do it - you will not regret one bit of it, you will wish you had done it sooner."

Declan B

       Still unsure?
"BTC is more like a family than a gym, the community is great"

-Sarah H, Member 1 years 9 months
"I've been around gyms had personal training, BTC not like a normal gym membership"

- Alison, Member 6 years
"I can't remember the last time I was a 32" waist!!"

- Pete, Member For 2 Years 

After you register a member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours

What happens next?
Step 1 Click the button above to register interest or click the buy now button to sign up for the 28 Day Trial Program

Step 2 A member of our team will phone you within 24 hours to discuss the program

Step 3 Join our online community and take advantage of what we offer immediately

Step 4 Attend your intro session and immerse yourself in what we do

Step 5 Feel the powerful benefits of what we do and change your whole approach to health and fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the sessions?

Sessions are available between 6am-10am and 5pm-8.30pm Weekdays and 7am-8.30am Saturday.

We will guide you to which sessions suit your goals and you can choose when and what sessions using our app to book in which is super flexible.

How much does it cost and how do I begin?

The program costs £299 £199 £99 for 28 days of personal training support, nutrition support and results.

Simply click the register button above to be taken to the sign up form, register your information and a member of our team will be in touch in the next 24 hours.

When does the Trial Program begin?

After chatting with our team if you decide to sign up we will book your intro session in with you (delivered on Saturdays).

Your 28 days begins from the date of your first training session booking. Usually the Monday or the Tuesday after the intro.

Do I have to be fit already?

Not at all - this is what we are best at.  We will meet you where you are at in your first sessions and take it as easy as you need to get you through - our goal is to develop you and progress you, not bury you in to the ground!

No matter how you begin we
will coach you to get fitter, stronger and leaner over the 28 days.

What happens after the 28 days?

After the 28 days you have the option of carrying on your progress on one of our memberships.

Basically it is up to you, carry on with us (which is what most people do) or shake hands and go our seperate ways.

Where is your gym?

We near the train station, in Loughborough based on clarance street in the brand new units behind FG Cars/ Vans and next door to Travis Perkins. 

From the road you can see Hoyes scaffolding and Paintworx we are located between those. 

Unit 3 Charnwood Trade Park,
Clarence Street
LE11 1FW

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