Nick Wardle

BTC Founder


I set up my personal training business in 2012 (9 Years ago), since then I have been a big believer working with other businesses and helping each other out. I’m also a passionate entrepreneur so business fascinates me, which is partly the reason I mainly work with business women and men.

I understand the set backs and issues that can arise, when trying to get in great shape. I have a multitude of solutions for when you start your journey with me, its just about finding the right one for you.


I believe that there is no 1 rule fits all, for you when it comes down to health and fitness. It is about finding the right route for you to fit your lifestyle. And we use 4 pillars for our business Mindset, Nutrition, Training and Recovery to produce amazing results.

For some clients they want a physical transformation, where as other are simply looking to just improve posture or overall health. Ultimately if you improve your health you will also improve your body shape by default.

There is various structures and protocols that can generate amazing results in a short span but there is no longevity. That is why we differ from every other transformation company as we focus on a longterm approach, to allow you to break and build habits, make mistakes and learn from them, and educate you to ensure you can continue the journey if you decide to leave us.

Personally I have tried no end of diets, eating styles, protocols and supplements, some have worked better than others. Most importantly I have learnt to listen to my body when it comes down to training and nutrition. You need to know when you can go hard and when not too.

5 Things you may not know about me

  • I have a thing for Nike trainers and collect them
  • I keep Cichlids and a rather large plec in a big fish tank I find them therapeutic to watch and would rather look at them than watch the TV
  • I’m a workaholic which I am trying to curb as I very rarely have down time
  • I have a fear of heights/falling but, I jumped off the worlds highest cliff canyon swing whilst in NZ.
  • I’m a member of the BNI (Business Networking International) Genesis group.


  • IFBA FICP – Foundations In Coaching Practice – 2021
  • First Aid At Work Level 2  – 2018
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1) – 2016
  • Phil Richards STAD Certified – Strength Training For Athlete Development – 2014
  • Poliquin Biosignature Level 1 – 2013
  • Spin Instructor Certified – 2012
  • Kettlebell Trainer Certified – 2012
  • Aqua Aerobics Certified – 2012
  • Suspension Trainer Certified – 2012
  • Premier Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer + Nutrition – 2012
  • Premier Level 2 Gym Instructor – 2012

  • Mark Roper Health – Fitness + Fat loss Seminar – 2022
  • Muscle Nerds – Level 1 – (Autumn 2017)
  • ISI – 2 Day Symposium + 1 Day Dr Serrano (hip + joint mobility) – (Aug 2017)
  • ISI – 2 Day Fatloss Camp – 2016
  • ISI – 2 Day Symposium + 1 Day John Meadows Camp – 2016
  • ISI – 2 Day Symposium – 2015
  • Phil Learney – Competition Prep – 2015
  • ISI – Advanced Programming Seminar – 2015
  • Hulk Enterprise 1 Day Legs Hypertrophy Camp – 2015
  • ISI – 3 Day Hypertrophy Camp – 2015
  • Phil Learney – 2 Day Hypertrophy Camp – 2015
  • Phil Richards – Nutrient Timing Seminar – 2014
  • ViPr 1 Day Camp – 2012


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