Outlaw Marathon Training Diary – Weeks 5 & 6

You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything about my outlaw half marathon training last week – mainly because there hasn’t been very much to report. I started my Base Training Plan 2 weeks ago – this is where the serious training starts and I have to ramp up the time spent on my bike (mostly) and be very … Read More

Outlaw Marathon Training Diary – Week 4

Last week was difficult. There’s no other way of describing it. Monday’s Outlaw half marathon training started well with my usual session of turbo training followed by Pilates then training with Nick first thing Tuesday morning – I thought I could do dips without the red band – he knew I wouldn’t be able to as I’d already done my … Read More

Training Diary – Week 3

This is the last week in my ‘Recovery Phase’ for the Outlaw Half Marathon. For a regular triathlete this means that they have spent the last few weeks ‘recovering’ from a busy triathlon season. For me, it’s been more of an ease me in gently to a new regime! The last week has been very similar to the first in … Read More

Training Diary – Week 2

So, I have completed the first week of my Outlaw training and I can see already that it’s going to be a long hard slog – and this is only the Recovery phase! Over the last week I have done the following: 45 mins turbo training 1 hour pilates 50 mins strength training 20 mile bike ride 6 mile off … Read More

Training Diary – Week 1

A few months ago I started thinking about my next challenge. I like to have a challenge! Here are a couple of the things I’ve already ticked off my list: Bungee jump – in New Zealand with A J Hackett (the original bungee jumper) looking on 1,000km charity bike ride through Thailand The London Marathon – completed twice and faster … Read More

What’s your motivation?

What is your motivation? This is a question that my less active friends ask me on a fairly regular basis as I head out for another early morning training session. So it got me thinking – why do I do this? For me there are a number of reasons, some are completely shallow and others go a little deeper. I … Read More

Why You Should Ditch The Scales

How many of you have spent your whole adult life addicted to what the scales say? We are inundated with magazine headlines such as ‘Drop 10lbs in 10 days’, ‘How I lost 3 stone’ ‘Boost your energy – lose 6lb!’ and we get obsessed with the numbers on the scales. But, here’s the thing, it’s not always about weight. It’s … Read More

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

This was a question I asked myself 18 months ago. Post London Marathon in 2013 my exercise and visits to the gym were fluctuating between a few good weeks followed by a few ‘I just can’t be bothered’ weeks. Consequently I didn’t feel like I was making any progress in any aspect of my life, my running, my weight, my … Read More