Self Journal

Why Everyone Should Use A SELF JOURNAL Your thinking I don’t have time for that right? Wrong. Since using this me and my clients have been far more productive, as it allows you to map out your goals for the next 13 weeks. Its been cleverly split into 13 Week blocks of the year. Their website Best Self <<<< You … Read More

7 Tips For Business Owners

Being a business owner myself I completely understand how manic life can become at times. For this of you who know me I am fascinated with business have been since a young age. But this is part of the reason that I have chose to specialise in working with  business owners, executives and entrepreneurs not only this 90% of my clients … Read More

You’re in Control – Disconnection Part 1

DISTRACTIONS….. Distractions can throw you into chaos if you are easily distracted. I personally get distracted off what I’m doing very easily especially if I’m doing stuff online. Which is the exact reason you should plan in some disconnection from technology periodically. Read on. Il give you an example when you go on Facebook to upload a picture or wish … Read More