Five work-out tips for busy people

So, you’re busy. Not enough hours in the day, or evening for that matter, to get everything done. And research tells us that one of the first activities to get squeezed out of packed schedules is exercise. I work with a lot of business owners and they all tell me the same things. There is simply too much going on ... Read More

Leicestershire Half Marathon

Leicestershire Half Marathon completed today :-) Another 1 checked off. The aim was to get sub 2hr 20mins as this was only 6th run since December (my last half) and really using it as a test. I wasn't expecting too much with how windy it was, having a cold too. On nearly every half marathon I have done I have struggled post ... Read More

Self Journal

Why Everyone Should Use A SELF JOURNAL Your thinking I don’t have time for that right? Wrong. Since using this me and my clients have been far more productive, as it allows you to map out your goals for the next 13 weeks. Its been cleverly split into 13 Week blocks of the year. Their website Best Self <<<< You … Read More

Reality Check

Well today was a wake up call…… I have been coached for the last 6 Months by one of the best coaches in the UK. In fact I waited 5 Months on a waiting list to just be able to Skype for 30mins every week. My belief from being a wee boy the higher the price the better the quality … Read More

Mastering The Mind

Mindset has such a huge impact on peoples lives its untrue. The more I talk to people the more i find the mind impacts on their life as a whole.   This article really opens up your mind to different methods.   I can honestly say that just over a year ago I didn’t have a clue about much of … Read More

Starting Your Journey?

Are you starting your Journey? Because I am.. We all have different starting points as some are more experienced and knowledgable and in different levels of condition than others but this doesn’t always mean that they will get the best result long term. All of what I have done personally with my own body has been progressional over a number … Read More

You’re in Control – Disconnection Part 1

DISTRACTIONS….. Distractions can throw you into chaos if you are easily distracted. I personally get distracted off what I’m doing very easily especially if I’m doing stuff online. Which is the exact reason you should plan in some disconnection from technology periodically. Read on. Il give you an example when you go on Facebook to upload a picture or wish … Read More

Fitness And Nutrition Tips #101

Tips #101 Tip 1: >>>What you may not know about water? – You should drink 32ml/per kg of Bodyweight – The body is made up of nearly 60 % water – Important role protein, glycogen and macromolecule synthesis – Lubrication of joints and even acts as a shock absorber for our eyes – Regulates body temperature – A mineral source … Read More


We all get small blocks or obstacles put in our way throughout our life. This will often affect our health in some way or another. It’s how you overcome them or deal with them that is key. Who do you know more of in the statement below person number 1 or person number 2? Obstacles + Hurdles How do you … Read More

Why You Should Ditch The Scales

How many of you have spent your whole adult life addicted to what the scales say? We are inundated with magazine headlines such as ‘Drop 10lbs in 10 days’, ‘How I lost 3 stone’ ‘Boost your energy – lose 6lb!’ and we get obsessed with the numbers on the scales. But, here’s the thing, it’s not always about weight. It’s … Read More