Menopause and Health by Clare Shepherd

We are pleased to have Clare Shepherd - Menopause Specialist running a webinar inside of our facebook community to help the members. Clare Shepherd is a UK based menopause specialist. She typically works with women of X age who are pre, peri and post menopausal to help them have a healthy happy life. Help them transistion smoothly through this area ... Read More

Team BTC The SuperWomen Project

This is really exciting for me to announce!! We are now opening the doors and giving YOU access to our NEW Train With Nick Facebook Group. CLICK HERE TO JOIN.  Listen I know your probably thinking there is a catch. WELL theres not! I simply want to reach out to as many women as I can especially as this is the main … Read More

Apple + Fig Green Smoothie Recipe

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High Protein Sherbet Fizz Smoothie Recipe

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