Leicestershire Half Marathon

Leicestershire Half Marathon completed today  Another 1 checked off.

The aim was to get sub 2hr 20mins as this was only 6th run since December (my last half) and really using it as a test. I wasn’t expecting too much with how windy it was, having a cold too.

On nearly every half marathon I have done I have struggled post 9miles mainly from a mental aspect and my brain wandering. Today I experimented with something that I read recently regarding negative thoughts and saying I can’t. Every time I though this is tough or I want to give up I kept telling myself that is bollocks¬†you got this¬†focus on the run. Also I didn’t check my time too regular except a specific point mile 3, 8, 10 + 11.

From around mile 9 onwards the wind was definitely a challenge and especially on the slight inclines. I wanted to quit but didn’t persisted and even over took a few people lol

There were some challenges with the wind today at the Leicestershire Half Marathon. Either way I enjoyed the race and did my best and every sprinted over the link racing another guy to the finish line.

So I was more than over the moon to find I got 2:01:13 finishing time. This is my best time in the last 5 years. Gutted I just missed the 2hour mark but I will smash that next time.

Next marker to beat is my PB of 1:57:56 which I did 10 years ago on the 1st 1 I ever run. I’m very tempted to enter it again.

Whatever ever you enjoy doing get out of your comfort zone and give it you best, you’ll just do fine !

I was definitely ready for some cake and chocolate after the race.

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