Jen Leach

Aaron Wardle

Jen approached us back in June 2013 a busy professional that had gained a few extra pounds since being with her partner and wanted to get her beach body back for a trip she had planned.

When we met her diet wasn’t too bad as she already had a basic understanding of nutrition from a PT she previously worked with. She also wanted to tone up her body to which I explained that just doing cardio wouldn’t fix that. Which lead us in to explaining that we need to introduce some resistance/ weight training to ensure she got the most out of the training sessions she was doing.

We had a discussion that she wanted to get back to a similar weight and shape she was in a the previous beach holiday. We explained that it would take 6 – 12month to get to the goal she wanted.

The approach we used was to basically get her more active and make some very simple changes to her diet, which actually included increasing the amount of food she was eating. We recommended a few lists of foods so she could easily select the foods she wanted that day and chuck them all together. And to keep her motivated was to train 2 x per week with us.

With Jen’s Body Transformation we were fortunately not hugely time constrained we had around 6 months to make the change which allowed us to have flexibility with her diet and experiment a little to see what did and didn’t work for her. Every 2 weeks we monitored her progress to ensure it was going in the right direction. Fortunately for us Jen very was compliant for her Body Transformation and did everything we told her to do.

We caught up with her in Summer 2017 just before her wedding and by what she said about the latest pictures, she kept the majority of her weight off. Always make us happy to hear and see.

Was to lose 1 – 2 dress sizes and lower body fat and tone up belly.

results description


Date: 27.6.13
Weight: 60.5Kg

Body Fat %: 36.5

Belly: 78cm

Hip: 101cm



Date: 24.12.13

Weight: 55.5Kg

Body Fat %: 26

Belly: 71cm

Hip: 93cm

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