Jen Loses 10% Body Fat

Nick Wardle

Losing 10% Body Fat In 6 Month Transformation

Getting Started + Goals

Jen approached us back in June 2013 a busy professional that had gained a few extra pounds since being with her partner and wanted to get her beach body back for a trip she had planned.

When we met her diet wasn’t too bad as she already had a basic understanding of nutrition from a PT she previously worked with. She also wanted to tone up her body to which I explained that just doing cardio wouldn’t fix that. Which lead us in to explaining that we need to introduce some resistance/ weight training to ensure she got the most out of the training sessions she was doing.

We had a discussion that she wanted to get back to a similar weight and shape she was in a the previous beach holiday. We explained that it would take 6 – 12month to get to the goal she wanted.

Jen wanted to lose 1 – 2 dress sizes and lower body fat and tone up belly.

How We Solved The Problem + Results

The approach we used was to basically get her more active and make some very simple changes to her diet, which actually included increasing the amount of food she was eating. We recommended a few lists of foods so she could easily select the foods she wanted that day and chuck them all together. And to keep her motivated was to train 2 x per week with us.

Jen body transformation, helped her to lose over 10% body fat, 4.5Kg/ 9Lbs and 7cm/3″ off her belly!

Before + Afters

Transformation In Review

With Jen’s Body Transformation we fortunately were not hugely time constrained we had around 6 months to make the change which allowed us to have flexibility with her diet and experiment a little to see what did and didn’t work for her. Every 2 weeks we monitored her progress to ensure it was going in the right direction. Fortunately for us Jen very was compliant for her Body Transformation and did everything we told her to do.

We caught up with her in Summer 2017 just before her wedding and by what she said about the latest pictures, she kept the majority of her weight off. Always make us happy to hear and see.

As you can imagine we were so happy for Jen. You have to remember it’s about creating the ideal lifestyle and transforming everything in and around it.

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Framers CornerFramers Corner
09:46 25 Aug 21
I signed up for the 4 week deal as I really needed a kickstart to get back on track with my health and fitness. I haven't been inside a gym for a few years & was a little apprehensive, but all the trainers were great, really friendly & knowledgeable and clearly interested in helping everyone get the most out of the sessions. I hit my target and it's really set me up to carry on, would highly recommend them!
Louise YatesLouise Yates
16:30 23 Jun 21
Great service, friendly professional and person centred, the new training centre is lovely 👍would defo recommend.
Katy Lathwood-BirchKaty Lathwood-Birch
21:34 10 Jun 21
Nick and his team run a top quality training facility that caters for all.BTC is an inclusive yet exclusive facility with your goals as it’s main target.They offer a verity of sessions at times to suit all.I can’t recommend this place enough!
Stuart MccallumStuart Mccallum
20:33 10 Jun 21
Highly recommend, in on my 3rd week and already feeling the results Nick and the team are extremely friendly, very welcoming and always there for me if I have any questions.On my induction day I was very nervous but the team soon made me feel at home thanks so much 💪💪👌👌
Oliver PeatmanOliver Peatman
08:51 19 Feb 20
Great team that build you up without pressure or shaming. Fully supportive atmosphere where everyone is helping each other. Really nice vibe in every group despite varying fitness levels/ goals. Would recommend to anyone, no matter how unfit you think you are! Anything is achievable in the right environment. 💪🏼


Looking to get started on your health and fitness journey or just need a change?

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