Vikram’s 18Kg Weight Loss

Nick Wardle

Vikram Loses 18Kg In 16 Weeks

Getting Started + Goals

Vikram approached us back in May 2013 a busy professional undergraduate Doctor that was struggling to lose weight no matter what he tried.

When we met his diet consisted of lots of tea and pizza. His reason was that he didn’t get time to eat in the day when he was on shift so he drank lots of tea, then once he got home he would sit and eat pizza “it doesn’t matter as I don’t eat anything else all day” little did he know the number of calories he was consuming and that the timing of his food usually less than an hour before bed wasn’t helping with the unwanted body fat.

We had a discussion that he wanted to get back to the weight he was a few years prior. But didn’t want to give up his pizza or his cups of tea. So came to a compromise.

Vikram goal was to get down to 90Kg (lose 15Kg) within 16 – 20 weeks before his exams begun, and to have a system he could follow once he left.

How We Solved The Problem + Results

The approach we used were to basically get him more active and make some very simple changes to his diet so he didn’t spend lots of timing planning his meals.

We also agreed that he could have pizza once a week providing he did a workout on the day he was having it and completed the rest of the workouts during the week.

We then educated him on why he need to try and spread his meals out better to reduce his hunger pangs. As we had later found out that when he was having his 7 – 9 cups of tea a day it was being accompanied with 1- 3 biscuits too!! Racking up all those extra calories.
He also was already attending 1 – 2 aerobic classes per week but was inconsistent in attendance too. So I explained the benefits of weight training to him and we agreed he would train 3 x days a week with me in Loughborough and 2 days by himself either doing Spin class or aerobics, or swim as we didn’t want to discourage him from doing what he enjoyed.

‘Nick helped me make some simple changes to my food and I changed my body composition drastically within the first 16 weeks dropping more than expected. I dropped from 105Kg down to 87kg so I was over the moon.’

Before + Afters

Transformation In Review

When a goal is very specific within ‘x’ time frame it can cause a problem as it doesn’t leave much flexibility. Each week we monitored his progress to ensure it was going in the right direction. Fortunately Vikram was compliant for his 16 Week Body Transformation and did everything we told him to do with the minor exception of chucking in the odd extra class or weights session, which we would never discourage.

We caught up with him again in 2015 as after he took his exams he moved away. He explained that when his exams started he actually regained the weight as he fell back into old habits and stopped training and Pizza become the main meal. But we said well it doesn’t look like you regained the weight. To his reply he said “it’s all come off again, as soon as my exams finished I implemented what you taught me and I lost it all again and managed to get down further to 85Kg”.

As you can imagine we were so happy with this, especially as quite often short intensive transformations do not always last due to new habits not being embedded or old habits still there. You have to remember it’s about creating the ideal lifestyle and transforming everything in and around it.

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