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Why Everyone Should Use A SELF JOURNAL

Your thinking I don’t have time for that right?


Since using this me and my clients have been far more productive, as it allows you to map out your goals for the next 13 weeks. Its been cleverly split into 13 Week blocks of the year.

Their website Best Self <<<<

You set out the end result you want to achieve in the 13 Week period, then you can reverse engineer the goals simply by breaking the goals down into smaller goals and then into separate tasks for each micro goal. It contains a simple gratitude diary again helps with stress and relaxation. And you can log what you have achieved for the day, goals etc

With all this you can then look back over the year to see habits, if there is something your not doing if your more productive in 1 quarter of the the year to another. In fact you can see how much time you have spent doing certain jobs with the time blocking in it.

Honestly I can’t recommend the Self Journal enough.

So just to recap if you check the the boxes of any of the following go buy 1:

  1. You struggle with time management.
  2. You own your own business, entrepreneur or executive
  3. You use a gratitude log or journal
  4. You never hit the goals you set yourself
  5. You procrastinate regularly due to not getting tasks done
  6. You want to track where your spending time in which area of your life.
  7. You Want somewhere to log your ideas
  8. You want to track your habits or install new ones.
  9. You need accountability in your life.
  10. You just simply like the whole idea of an all in one diary for business and personal.


Self Journal – Keep a self journal and record daily this will provide you with several useful logs. It will track where you spend the most time, you can write a gratitude log of 5 things every evening (i.e can be as small as your grateful for having a home), do a brain dump this is where you offload all your stuff on your mind.

Did you know they have a Downloadable version too which you could print off?

Visit their website here

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