What to expect with your work-outs post-lockdown

I’ve been getting plenty of questions from people about coached fitness sessions post-lockdown. I know, many of you are raring to go. So this is my view on whether the move online has changed our attitudes to working out – and an update on Body Transformation Centre sessions when we can return to the gym (can’t wait :)). We’ve some … Read More

High Protein Sherbet Fizz Smoothie Recipe

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What’s your motivation?

What is your motivation? This is a question that my less active friends ask me on a fairly regular basis as I head out for another early morning training session. So it got me thinking – why do I do this? For me there are a number of reasons, some are completely shallow and others go a little deeper. I … Read More

Calories And Nutrients

Ok so what do you really know about basic nutrition, calories and nutrients? Most people do not understand the basics of nutrition which is why a large chunk of the UK population are obese. If you understand the basics this is a great start point for getting your transformation underway no matter whether you want fat loss, muscle growth or … Read More

Why You Should Ditch The Scales

How many of you have spent your whole adult life addicted to what the scales say? We are inundated with magazine headlines such as ‘Drop 10lbs in 10 days’, ‘How I lost 3 stone’ ‘Boost your energy – lose 6lb!’ and we get obsessed with the numbers on the scales. But, here’s the thing, it’s not always about weight. It’s … Read More