Training Diary – Week 2

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So, I have completed the first week of my Outlaw training and I can see already that it’s going to be a long hard slog – and this is only the Recovery phase!

Over the last week I have done the following:

  • 45 mins turbo training
  • 1 hour pilates
  • 50 mins strength training
  • 20 mile bike ride
  • 6 mile off road run
  • 50 mins strength training
  • 40 mins treadmill interval training
  • 45 mins swim

In total I have managed 7 hours 20 mins training in 5 days which is a pretty hefty amount of training by my usual standards so I can see that as time goes on it’s going to start taking over my life!

I missed out on a swim session as my swim teacher quit this week. We were also away for the weekend down in Exeter and so I had planned my week around not exercising at the weekend as I knew it would be difficult.

My diet has been pretty good (apart from huge amounts of food at the weekend as we were being entertained!) and my sleep (as always) has been good, averaging around 7 hours 45 mins a night.

I’ve picked up a slight niggle in my right ankle which is slightly worrying as I can’t remember doing anything that would cause it so lots of stretching over the next few days.

So, what have I learnt from my first week:

Planning – I need to schedule my training for each day so I know exactly what I am doing when. With this amount of training if I miss a session it will be too difficult to catch up as the week goes on.

Rest – this is going to be important. Making sure I get the right amount of sleep each night is crucial for me to function.

Food – Doing all of this training I have a bigger calorie requirement. I need to ensure that a) I’m meeting that calorie requirement and b) I’m fuelling my body correctly for the training that I’m doing. Further down the line I’ll post my food diary so that you can see what I’m actually eating!

The start of a new week and I have a similar amount of training to do this week – hoping to get more swimming in as well as this is my weakest discipline.


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