Why You Should Ditch The Scales

How many of you have spent your whole adult life addicted to what the scales say?

We are inundated with magazine headlines such as ‘Drop 10lbs in 10 days’, ‘How I lost 3 stone’ ‘Boost your energy – lose 6lb!’ and we get obsessed with the numbers on the scales.

But, here’s the thing, it’s not always about weight. It’s about how you look and feel about yourself. I can give you an easy example; 5 years ago I weighed 63kg, today I weigh almost 68kg. That’s an increase of 5kg or 11lbs – almost a stone in weight on the scales – yet I’m still wearing the same clothes – and they fit!

Be prepared to make small changes to the way you eat in order to start introducing new, healthier habits.

Small changes will lead to bigger changes as time goes by. There’s no point in saying on day one, ‘I’ll cut out all snacks, wine, carbs, chocolate and fat’. It just won’t happen and you’ll get stressed. In order to change the way you eat you need to take small steps which will then lead to bigger steps.

Here are some steps you can take and consider doing some of the following:

  • Set yourself a goal but make sure you can measure it and it’s realistic.
  • Take photos of yourself front, sides and back. They say the camera never lies and this is a great way to see non-scale changes.
  • Find a tape measure and measure parts of your body – chest, waist and hips for starters but you might also want to measure upper arm and thigh.
  • Planning and preparation – this is where so many people come unstuck (myself included!). If you don’t think about your food choices/meals in advance you might make the wrong ones as you’re not prepared. I can feel a whole new blog post on this coming along!

If you’ve done these things at the start of your journey you’ve always got something to compare with – that’s the measurable part of your goal.

Losing weight still comes down to calories in vs calories out so don’t think that because you’ve made some healthy changes you’re out of the woods and the weight will start dropping off.

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