The 3 core components focusing in on Nutrition, Training and Mindset

Nick Wardle the owner/founder of the company, ambition is to help as many people from all over the world to get RESULTS / in the best shape of their lives and maintain this change through their lifestyle choices. Life isn’t about living with restrictions.

The Body Transformation Centre is striving to become a leading fatloss, company that specialises in working with business owners, entrepreneurs and executives whilst helping the nation becoming fitter so if your interested in weightloss, fatloss then CONTACT US.

There is so much more to a body transformation than a just chasing a six pack or amazing physique, you need to factor in lifestyle eating choices, making and breaking habits and making the right choice that will improve your health long term.

We are RESULTS driven company and predominately work with Females 40 – 55. We have worked with many different clients with a host of different goals from Fatloss, Building Confidence (depression sufferers), Muscle Building, Athletes including the England Dodgeball Teams, Strength, Fitness for Marathon Runners, Adventure Racers, Cycling (London to Paris), World Class Team GB Coach and many more.

Our Ideal Client

Are you the Right Fit for the Body Transformation Centre?

Do you feel stuck and completely confused on what you should be doing in order to achieve optimal health and that dream body: flat stomach, super-charged confidence and unlimited supply of energy?

Have you tried everything under the sun including the gym, slimming clubs, crazy diets and stupid starving tactics making you begin to believe that it can’t happen to you and its just not meant to be?

If your nodding your head and agreeing, or still not sure, continue reading.

Your not alone, were hear to help you. To see if you would be our ideal client then click on the read more link to see how many statements you agree with.

Meet the Team

Nick Wardle

BTC Founder 

Lively fun, with what clients describe as a holistic approach weightloss/ fatloss coaching, passionate about getting clients in their best shape, with a keen interest in learning everything there is to know about about the subject. Practices what he preaches.

Adam K



Shane Nugent

Head Nutritionist

Energetic coach and expert in nutrition. As cliche as it sounds, he loves to teach people ‘how to fish’ when it comes to nutrition, this way at some they’ll be set up to make their own decisions for the rest of their lives, rather than be reliant on a shake or meal plan for example. Practices what he preaches.


Are you looking to start a career in health and fitness? Want to join a local company, with a growing team thats are results driven. Look no further we are looking for highly driven individuals to join our Team BTC as we evolve and grow in both personal training and online coaching.

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