Mastering The Mind

Mindset has such a huge impact on peoples lives its untrue. The more I talk to people the more i find the mind impacts on their life as a whole.   This article really opens up your mind to different methods.   I can honestly say that just over a year ago I didn’t have a clue about much of … Read More

Starting Your Journey?

Are you starting your Journey? Because I am.. We all have different starting points as some are more experienced and knowledgable and in different levels of condition than others but this doesn’t always mean that they will get the best result long term. All of what I have done personally with my own body has been progressional over a number … Read More

What’s your motivation?

What is your motivation? This is a question that my less active friends ask me on a fairly regular basis as I head out for another early morning training session. So it got me thinking – why do I do this? For me there are a number of reasons, some are completely shallow and others go a little deeper. I … Read More