What’s your motivation?

What is your motivation?

This is a question that my less active friends ask me on a fairly regular basis as I head out for another early morning training session.

So it got me thinking – why do I do this?

For me there are a number of reasons, some are completely shallow and others go a little deeper.

  1. I want to look good naked! Yup, I said it! I’m in my fifties and everything is heading south but if I can just keep my body reasonably slim and toned so that I’m not bothered about being seen naked I’m happy.
  1. I want to be a role model for my teenage girls. Neither of them are particularly into sport but it makes me happy that they are proud of some of my achievements. Even though they won’t tell me to my face (too uncool) they do tell other people.
  1. I like a challenge. Without a challenge or a goal it’s hard to summon up the motivation so for me I think ahead to something I want to achieve and put a plan in place. My biggest challenge ever is in May 2016 when I aim to complete a half distance triathlon (more on this later). That’s 70.3 miles of swimming, biking and running.
  1. My health is super important to me. I want to be around in 30 years time and still competing! I’m so happy (and lucky) that I have managed to stay fit and well and relatively injury free over the years and I’m sure that it is down to my lifestyle.
  1. Finally I love the fact that what I now do for a living as both a Personal Trainer and a Thermomix Adviser has been borne from the motivation I have had over the years to lead a healthier lifestyle.

These are some of the reasons I do what I do, that keeps me motivated.

So, what’s your motivation? Please leave your comments in the box below or get in touch if you think we can help you find your motivation!

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