Reality Check

Well today was a wake up call…… I have been coached for the last 6 Months by one of the best coaches in the UK. In fact I waited 5 Months on a waiting list to just be able to Skype for 30mins every week. My belief from being a wee boy the higher the price the better the quality … Read More

Fitness And Nutrition Tips #101

Tips #101 Tip 1: >>>What you may not know about water? – You should drink 32ml/per kg of Bodyweight – The body is made up of nearly 60 % water – Important role protein, glycogen and macromolecule synthesis – Lubrication of joints and even acts as a shock absorber for our eyes – Regulates body temperature – A mineral source … Read More

Why do I need a Personal Trainer?

This was a question I asked myself 18 months ago. Post London Marathon in 2013 my exercise and visits to the gym were fluctuating between a few good weeks followed by a few ‘I just can’t be bothered’ weeks. Consequently I didn’t feel like I was making any progress in any aspect of my life, my running, my weight, my … Read More