Reality Check

Well today was a wake up call……

I have been coached for the last 6 Months by one of the best coaches in the UK. In fact I waited 5 Months on a waiting list to just be able to Skype for 30mins every week. My belief from being a wee boy the higher the price the better the quality and I would not sacrifice for a shortcut. Its not failed me yet.


Turn back the clocks 2 years I started to be trained by another trainer. Basically I got lazy and needed someone to be accountable too amongst the fact I was get FAT. So committed and started over the following 2 years I committed on and off in 6 or 12 week blocks which at the time work great for me.

Last year I stepped up the game and decided to commit to a photoshoot for a couple of reason:

  1. I wanted to do a physique competition before I hit 35 years old
  2. Had to see how far I could push myself to ensure that I could go that next step.

Just like a baby can’t sprint before they can walk. So dialled in everything followed the coaches advice as best as possible. And got amazing results.

You can see more if you visit here<<<

Brain starts ticking great I can start planning next years competition (2016) was looking to compete under the NPA Natural Physique Association (as I have seen my coach compete there). Fully aware of the high standards.

Fast forward start of 2016 and I start with the new coach I waited for. At this time I was planning to compete at some point this year (maybe May) but, nothing in stone. Great started highly motivated got everything dialled in as per coach plan. 8 Weeks in and suddenly I realise my business needs my focus as the year before it took a hammering.

WHY? Because I’m very all or nothing approach which has its pros and cons will discuss this in another blog.

So, although I was channeling effort in to my health still by no means did I go way of plan but what you have to understand is when you start heading sub 20% (I found I tend t sit at this with ease) for someone with my Endomorphic frame you need to keep a watchful eye on your body composition.

May arrives…. Holy Shit where did the start of the year go. No major composition changes but aware of a fair change in vascularity (for those not sure on this it means more veins) and my legs and arms getting some growth. I really don’t bother with scales to much its not really important.

So me being me I message the coach after trawling the web for the physique competitions and half comply say get me show ready, again no date commitment.

In my experience you don’t set a date, book the shoot enter to a competition or apply for a marathon. Most simply don’t commit in. I had been one of these people.

It was only TODAY I had a REALITY CHECK…

What was I thinking it wasn’t realistic goal, yet again I was trying to put myself under a very time restricted span exactly what I was trying to move away from I know I can do it but this time it didn’t feel right.

So I had a reality check and contacted the coach and pulled the plug basically explained my situation to him. He’s totally on my wave length which is great.

Right NOW my business is number 1 priority. KEYWORD here is priority!!

Your probably asking yourself what the solution is and the relevance of this post. Well simple don’t just do something because you say its a goal. Be realistic and set your S.M.A.R.T goals out and put your heart and sole in to. I started in May half assed I knew deep down that it was the right thing to do at present.

What happens next well I will see what my coach thinks plan wise I want to be 100% bang on for my physique show. My new realistic goal is set and it fits better with my plans also relives the pressure a little, I need to keep things as simple as possible at present.


  1. Get down to 12% Body Fat by October 10th – Book Photos. This will give me a picture where I’m at in see what I need to work on.
  2. Get a date in the diary for my competition and hire a posing coach before Christmas 2016.

What are your goals? Why are you doing them and have you set small stepping stones? Let me know I always like to here what your up to.

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