7 Tips For Business Owners

Being a business owner myself I completely understand how manic life can become at times. For this of you who know me I am fascinated with business have been since a young age. But this is part of the reason that I have chose to specialise in working with  business owners, executives and entrepreneurs not only this 90% of my clients fit these categories too.

Here are 7 Top Tips I use with my Clients:

  1. Spend time blocking – this will create a structured day before you start, it does not matter if you don’t stick to your time blocks unexpected things crop up.
  2. Make Time For You – Block out 30minutes a day for you, do something for you could be a workout, go to the cinema, watch some comedy, visit a friend or walk the dog just avoid doing anything business related.
  3. Relax – Yoga is great for mind and body to relax, doing some exercise like going for a walk, spend time with family, take planned time out, wind down before bed shut off all electrical devices,
  4. Keep It Simple – Stop procrastination take action no matter how small its better to just do a 10minute workout than no workout at all, don’t over complicate your meals eat plenty of unprocessed nutrient dense foods (anything that was either reared or grown on the land), If you don’t make a workout don’t stress about it as you have enough from running your businesses.
  5. Avoid Caffeine – Tough one this. I’m happy for most my clients to have 1 a day providing it doesn’t keep them awake at night if they drank it at lunch, Its easy to get hooked and this is someone i find alot in a pursuit to stay ahead of the game remain awake hours on end we tend to abuse the tea or coffee mug.
  6. Have Fun – Life to short to always be 100% focused on business, make sure run have some fun even if its as simple as playing computer games, going roller skating (this is what i do not joke), play with the kids, do an activity you did as a child too.
  7. Self Journal – Keep a self journal and record daily this will provide you with several useful logs. It will track where you spend the most time, you can write a gratitude log of 5 things every evening (i.e can be as small as your grateful for having a home), do a brain dump this is where you offload all your stuff on your mind.

You can see the Self Journals I’m talking about above.

Short blog today so speak soon. If you already do any of these or if you implement just 1 let me know how you get on.

As always if you think this will benefit anyone please feel free to share.

One Comment on “7 Tips For Business Owners”

  1. Great list, Nick. I’m pretty sure taking up Yoga has massively transformed my life.

    As has giving up caffeine… now THAT was a tough one to get through, but I’m incredibly grateful now to be free of it. If I have a coffee now, my brain ceases to function. It was probably like that all along, but I didn’t realise it.

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