Struggling When Eating Out

Eating out is a big sticking point for many people and they often get themselves in a tizzy over what they should eat especially when their on a diet. Below we have covered the 3 most common questions we get on this topic and our solutions.

The 3 most common questions are:
1. What can I eat?
2. I take it I can’t have any carbs?
3. What if the foods I should be eating aren’t on the menu?

My answers are the following:
1. What do you want to eat?
2. No why wouldn’t you?
3. So YOUR Not going for a meal then? (excuse the sarcasm)
With this in mind I have found that with clients they tend to be 1 of 2 types of people.
These are 2 approaches we can come at this with, as it depends on A YOUR goals and B the type of person you are.
Option 1: You eat what you want and use this as an Off Plan Meal or Cheat Meal. But this doesn’t mean eating excessively.
Option 2: You select foods based around your goal outcome within with Kcal, protein, or macro nutrient goals.
If you are working away from home alot as some of my clients do then option 2 is the better approach to apply, to keep them on track and we may have them do Opition 1 on the last day.
You have got to remember its about balance.
1 x Meal won’t ruin all you hard earned efforts nutritionally and training wise.
BUT allow them meals to become 1 week of, Continental Cooked Breakfast, Croissants, Full English, Ham and Cheese Baguettes, Burger and Chips with onion rings and mayo, 2 x desserts and eating past the point of being full will and can quite easily stack the weight on.
The current approach I personally take is one that if I’m out for a meal at present I’m NOT going to restrict myself as currently my diet doesn’t require that however this is different when I’m reducing body fat for a particular goal i.e a photoshoot.
LONG TERM RESTRICTION can and often does = BINGE
People should approach this with caution as restriction can sometimes cause binges amongst other things.
So next time your out think about the decisions you make and the options you chose and ask yourself why you made them?
This is where learning about you and your food habits comes in.
What do you do when eating out?



Handmade cheeseburger with tomato , cucumber and lettuce

Handmade cheeseburger with tomato , cucumber and lettuce

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