Training Diary – Week 3

This is the last week in my ‘Recovery Phase’ for the Outlaw Half Marathon. For a regular triathlete this means that they have spent the last few weeks ‘recovering’ from a busy triathlon season. For me, it’s been more of an ease me in gently to a new regime! The last week has been very similar to the first in … Read More

Training Diary – Week 2

So, I have completed the first week of my Outlaw training and I can see already that it’s going to be a long hard slog – and this is only the Recovery phase! Over the last week I have done the following: 45 mins turbo training 1 hour pilates 50 mins strength training 20 mile bike ride 6 mile off … Read More

Training Diary – Week 1

A few months ago I started thinking about my next challenge. I like to have a challenge! Here are a couple of the things I’ve already ticked off my list: Bungee jump – in New Zealand with A J Hackett (the original bungee jumper) looking on 1,000km charity bike ride through Thailand The London Marathon – completed twice and faster … Read More