Training Diary – Week 3

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This is the last week in my ‘Recovery Phase’ for the Outlaw Half Marathon. For a regular triathlete this means that they have spent the last few weeks ‘recovering’ from a busy triathlon season. For me, it’s been more of an ease me in gently to a new regime!

The last week has been very similar to the first in terms of the amount of time I’ve spent training. We’ve adjusted my upper and lower body training days so that they fit better around the rest of my training. I already feel stronger!

Positives from the last week:

  • The weather has been kind and I managed to get out and complete my runs and bike rides with friends.
  • We got a puppy!!

Negatives from the last week:

  • We got a puppy!!This has meant lots of time not working, not training and not paying enough attention to my diet! Mostly it’s work that has suffered! We are all looking forward to a few weeks’ time when he’ll be old enough to go out for walks.


This week’s training:

My concern for this week is the weather. As I speak Storm Barney seems to be moving in and the weather over the next couple of days is looking shocking. My phone app even says it’s going to snow on Saturday!

What I need to do this week is to have a few strategies for bad weather training:

Swim: Who cares what the weather’s like outside it’s always going to be wet in the pool!! I just need to make sure that I get at least two sessions in this week.

Bike: I have a turbo trainer and bike in my garage – so although it’s very boring I can still get on my bike. I can also check the gym timetable and get along there for a spin class.

Run: I’m pretty hardy and love my off-road, muddy runs but my interval training is better done at triathlon club or on a treadmill where I will work hard so I’ll need to plan this in.

Next week: Base training phase starts (I’m slightly scared!).

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