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The last few years have been a bit of challenge doing any sort of qualifications, due to CV-19 stopping many of the in person courses. However as soon as I could I have jumped on a few so I thought I would share that with those that read the blog.

I’m a strong believer in self development, whether thats learning to improve you or your business. because no-one is 100% perfect at anything likewise it’s also good to keep you hand in as things change an alter. Anyone who thinks they are a finished article I would challenge that! You can always become better than you are today.

That’s why I continually invest in myself and my staff no matter how long someone has been doing something. We can always learn and become a better person.
This year is 10 years since I entered the industry 😳😳😳, and it’s easy to get complacent like many in the industry, thats why I went through the FICP course with the @theifba which acted as a great reminder of what I do and also I took a few things from it too that I have now started to use which I in all the years of coaching I had never been shown before.
One of these small elements was placing a band under a clients back for better activation of the tummy muscles, guess what I have several clients say it’s the first time they have properly felt there abs work in this way and get some much engagement.
I would highly recommend to other PT’s The IFBA.

In the last 10 years I have invested a lot of money into learning to become better at what I do. Some of the courses and qualifications I have done I’ll probably never use, but it’s there if needed or required. For a full list of course which I have attended see here

I’m not perfect and i’m always prepared to take feedback good or bad. Everyday is a learning day in my eyes.

Hopefully if you are a PT reading this you will also considered reinvesting and learning no matter what stage in your career you’re at. If you’re not a coach maybe have a think about what you could invest in to improve yourself such as investing in having a personal trainer to help get you results or learning smarter more efficient ways to train.
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