Outlaw Marathon Training Diary – Week 4

Last week was difficult. There’s no other way of describing it. Monday’s Outlaw half marathon training started well with my usual session of turbo training followed by Pilates then training with Nick first thing Tuesday morning – I thought I could do dips without the red band – he knew I wouldn’t be able to as I’d already done my session and my arms had had it – but I had to try while he watched with a slight, knowing smile on his face!

Tuesday night was the night of Storm Barney and I wrapped up to go to tri-club training. Windy, rainy and cold – a thoroughly miserable night and after a mile of running the niggle in my left ankle became a pain and I had to stop and limp home – no running for me for the rest of the week. Wednesday I had an hour long swim in the morning and by the time I got home I realised that I was having a fairly bad allergic reaction to the pool water which laid me up for the rest of the day and completely wiped me out. I posted a question about this on a forum I belong to and I’m now the proud owner of a nose clip and will have to take anti-histamines before each swim session from now on.

On the plus side, I managed to get out on my bike twice even though it was bitterly cold. A hill training session (that was a first for me on the bike) and a ride with some friends on Saturday followed by a bike maintenance session – this week, how to change a tyre.

This week is the first week of my new Base Training program and it starts with a nice surprise – 2 weeks of relatively light training with only one run and one swim during the week. There are 3 bike sessions and 2 strength & conditioning sessions though so I don’t get off completely lightly!!

I’ve got a busy week ahead as I’m working at the BBC Good Food Show on Thursday and Friday so if you’re there pop along to the Thermomix stand to say hello!

Goals for this week – to be good with my food and start logging again to make sure I’m eating enough as I know that when I’m being good and eating nutrient dense food I struggle to eat enough calories.

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