You’re in Control – Disconnection Part 1


Distractions can throw you into chaos if you are easily distracted. I personally get distracted off what I’m doing very easily especially if I’m doing stuff online. Which is the exact reason you should plan in some disconnection from technology periodically. Read on.

An irresponsible texting driver is about to run over a pedestrian at an intersection which shows how dangerous texting and driving is. Stop the text and stop the wrecks.

Il give you an example when you go on Facebook to upload a picture or wish a friend Happy Birthday you see a link or another picture in your Facebook feed then you click on it to view then you end up not uploading or saying happy birthday.

Does this sound familiar ?

Most of us have done this at some point.

So last weekend I did a full shut down to break away from all the typical distractions in my life. So on Saturday PM I did the following

– I turned my phone onto flight mode
– Switched off the laptop

I have never felt better its so nice to break away and have SILENCE. My brain feels relaxed and chilled and I was able to give all my attention to my partner and family.

The problem we have nowadays is we are all CONNECTED all of the time, Social Media, Text, Whats App, Email are but to name a few.

10 Years ago this was a very different story.

We simply don’t stop anymore, our brains are taking in more and more, its no surprise people are getting more stressed developing bad habits as were all being influenced by the amount of things we are trying to process. I personally felt very overwhelmed towards the end of the week and 1 of my mentors recommended that I did a full shut down to reset so I could return this weekend bouncing full of energy and raring to go which I am.

Hence this post.

So what my question is to you.

Can you disconnect from the connected world we live in?

Try it just of a day. I challenge you.

When you do try this drop me a message and let me know how you felt.

I will assure you this that you will interact better without the DISTRACTIONS, you loved ones, children, friends and family will all appreciate this as you will give them your full attention.

What are you waiting for?

Check out Part 2 where we discuss the affects of this on fatloss.

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