We all get small blocks or obstacles put in our way throughout our life. This will often affect our health in some way or another.

It’s how you overcome them or deal with them that is key.

Who do you know more of in the statement below person number 1 or person number 2?

Obstacles + Hurdles

How do you deal with it, some will see it as a negative (person 1) and just whinge or just simply complain all the while, whereas others embrace the learning curve and find solutions (person 2)!

I’m all about finding solutions, ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL. I will say this again one size doesn’t fit everyone.


I have recently returned back off an all inclusive holiday filled with sun, sea and sand. I knew on this holiday I needed to rest and enjoy family time (which can be difficult when you’re used to training regularly and eating set portion sized meals all the time).

My Obstacle was how can I  still achieve my goals with my current scenario?

My exercise mainly consisted of snorkelling 2 hours at a time and lots of walking. Yes I could have trained a BW circuit but to be honest I just wanted a lay in as I knew the kids would run me ragged all day.

If you have a family you will get this.

So my approach was to go swim, snorkel and walk, eat what I wanted (this doesn’t mean gorge or over eat), we mainly had two meals a day one in the morning and an evening meal, and we had a few drinks in the evening while watching the entertainment (so not ideal).

I have come home a little heavier (2kg) but I know this will all come off easily enough.

The solution – don’t stress about it, apply some simple rules, cut the dairy out stick to lean cuts of meat and some vegetables with each meal, drink 3 ltrs of water add in some limes and himalayan pink salt, get in my normal training sessions and add a couple of cardio sessions.

All sorted.

I will keep you posted on my progress and how long the fix takes.

This approach is not what we use with many of our clients but fitted my scenario well. Other approaches can also be applied too.

I will share with you my video series on how to deal with Winter Sun Holidays / Summer Holidays as a whole. These are the exact steps we get our clients to use and have seen them coming back with no weight gain, sometimes even a weight drop.


Hurdles and Obstacles

What hurdles do you need to get over?

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