10 Tips On How To Lose Weight In A Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Diaries

I’m sat there having a quiet coffee while getting some work done and I over hear a conversation of 3 ladies sitting in their gym gear discussing the best way to lose weight.

The convo went a little like this

“So what are you doing for valentines well i won so tickets for a meal out oh how nice.”

They then start to discuss juice diets.

“oh did you hear about that weightless thing for 8 weeks and you pay £15 (less than £2per week) then the winner keeps all the money” “Argh their obviously going to sell you into something at the end”

Silence and 1 pipes up “did you hear about Julie she’s said to use

The great topic of juice diets cropped up!!! I was sitting listening and smirking to my self.

Things I took from the conversation:

  1. Friends tried to persuade them to use Juice Plus as they had good short term weightloss.
  2. They perceived the juice diets as expensive at around £45 per week.
  3. They were aware that when they tried to eat NORMAL they would regain the weight if they did juicing.
  4. They were not very knowledge on nutrition.
  5. They think you can out train a diet by visiting the gym 2 times a week.


My Advice To Anyone wanting to lose weight is the following:

  • Screw frickin juice diets, diet pills there is NO I say it again NO magic formula or quick fix, they are a waste of time and money.
  • You can higher a coach for the same cost as a juice diet , use google, read books, learn about your food. All the information you need is out there for FREE if you look hard enough.
  • Its a lifestyle change longterm not short and their is no such thing as a NORMAL diet. But there is such a thing as an optimal diet for YOU. As everyone is different.
  • Stick to unprocessed foods, plenty of veg (no one ever got fat of eating too much of this).
  • Everyone has a different starting point so they may need a different approach.
  • Drink plenty of Water 2 – 3ltr per day for average person.
  • The majority of weightloss is done via diet, exercise does have a part to play of course.
  • Going Costa having a caramel latte and a cake isn’t going to help you lose weight, try changing it for a black coffee or a green tea, herbal tea and some fruit, or rice cakes.
  • In retrospect I probably could of given them some advice but i was curious of the whole convo.
  • Full story i will be putting in the todays email.

If you need any advice or help starting your journey feel free to drop me a message on here or email me nick@bodytransformationcentre.com

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