What to expect with your work-outs post-lockdown

I’ve been getting plenty of questions from people about coached fitness sessions post-lockdown. I know, many of you are raring to go.

So this is my view on whether the move online has changed our attitudes to working out – and an update on Body Transformation Centre sessions when we can return to the gym (can’t wait :)).

We’ve some clients who have done face-to-face, coached sessions with us before the pandemic, and newer clients who have just done online sessions with us.

Once normality returns, I just can’t see many people sticking to sessions online. Yes, we’ve managed to keep people active and fit with the Zoom sessions (when the council has allowed it ;)), and online sessions may still have their place, but they’ll only be an option, and only if there’s enough demand for it.

People might want the choice, if they get back home from work late, say. But most of my clients are saying that it will be a back-up option at best.


I did a quick snap Facebook survey of my clients and this is what they told me

  • a quarter, 25%, said yes, they’d like online sessions as a back-up 
  • 10% said no to online sessions when they’re back in the gym
  • 10% said they didn’t want online sessions at all
  • 5% said online for now, and then let’s see how it goes

(Half of people said they were not bothered either way.)

So what I’m seeing is that people’s perceptions of online fitness sessions have altered slightly. People see how they can make it easier for them to fit exercise into their lives. But they are likely to be an option at best post-lockdown. Why do I think this is?


There are two major drawbacks of online coaching sessions 

1 You’re not getting out into a different environment to train. This is why people like going to the gym. It’s their third place, between work and home. We find that our clients enjoy coming to the gym because it clears their mind, and they’re away from the distractions of home life and work.

2 Coaching isn’t as easy. BTC isn’t about big group classes and we don’t like to do the same exercises as you as you train. 

We do coached 1-1 or semi-private training (SPT) sessions with small groups, because we want to observe how you’re exercising and give you the best possible advice. That way, we can modify the exercises for you live. If you’ve got any issues with mobility or a slight injury, we can help you to adjust your work-out

I remember one client who said they had a niggle with their hip. We were able to coach them and allow them to continue training without risk of further harm. It’s difficult to do this when you’re not face to face.

Post-lockdown sessions

So if we’re expecting most people to return to the gym when Covid restrictions are lifted, what can people expect.

First, we think demand will be strong. A poll from Sport England and Savanta ComRes showed that gym workouts were the number one method of physical activity that people are looking forward to once the Coronavirus lockdown eases in the UK.

The poll, which questioned more than 2,000 people, showed that the British public misses gym work more than any other activity, highlighting the role that the nation’s gyms and leisure centres play in our society.

So we’re looking forward to getting back to face-to-face, coached 1-1 and SPT sessions, even if there will be measures to make sure everyone is safe.

In terms of content, our post-lockdown sessions will involve totally different programming. So you can expect the following

  • PT-led training sessions
  • Adaptions for long Covid sufferers 
  • A reduced focus on heavy lifting
  • More endurance-based programming
  • Activation exercises, to help you switch on key muscles to prevent injury post-lockdown

And in terms of Covid safety measures, we want to give you maximum assurance. So you can expect  

  • Covid response protocols
  • Minimum of 100 sqft per person training space (socially distanced)
  • Rule-of-six guidelines on size of groups 
  • No kit sharing 

So this is the message from me. Can’t wait to get back to face-to-face coaching sessions with you all, but expect work-outs that ease you back in. 

We can’t rush back and go all out to lose weight and get our fitness back up again. Do that and we’ll only injure ourselves. And how annoying would that be!

To find out more and to book a session, please email us at 


Stay safe and see you soon.

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